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What Is The Consummate Transitioner?

Giving Life Your Best

Living your best life is not the same as giving life your best. A criminal or a person of nefarious intent can live a good life, but that does not mean that they gave life their best…to positively impact the world and/or become the best person that they could be. An thus, was spawned the term The Consummate Transitioner. In November 2008, after much introspection, thought, and reflection, I created the term The Consummate Transitioner and my journey began. I chronicled in a speech given on October 3, 2020, for the Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services Champion’s Breakfast, at the Peninsula Workforce Development Center, in Hampton, Virginia on how I came to create the term “The Consummate Transitioner.” The term came from events that actually happened in 2007. It would be a year later, in November 2009, that I would start the process for a service mark application. I had no idea what I was doing, so I hired David Hendricks, a fantastic intellectual property lawyer, to shepherd me through the application process. The service mark was approved in 2010.

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Because I was caring for my mother and had a wife and children in college, it would be another five years, in 2015, that I would have the courage, finances, and vision to develop a website and create traditional posters with terrific website developer, Rob Monti of Monti Designs. In 2016, Amanda Wade of Creation Graphics 7 Design, brought a vision of the logo that I had in my mind for about five years to life. The four faces of color, permanently staring upward and forward into perpetuity toward a quest and zeal to continually do and get better to become your best; eternally and forever faithful, with feeling, with fidelity, forging forward, learning from experiences, but not shackled and imprisoned by your past by looking back. Allana Miller of Comet Creative added the fifth brown person completing the circle of representation of all of the people of the world, and more importantly, America. Also, it was with Amanda Wade, that I explored and created conceptual posters. And, with David Hendricks’ help, also in 2016, I shifted from a focus on workforce initiatives to inspiration and aspiration, focusing on poster development, and with new burgeoning initiatives on poetry and apparel messaging.


I cannot reasonably tell you why I was driven to do any of what I have discussed.  I suppose it was from divine direction or intervention…something inside of me told me to proceed in this direction.  It cannot be simply explained…but it was something about the term that stuck with me?  Perhaps, it was a potpourri of my upbringing, faith and sense of spirituality, military experiences, work life experiences, or a deep and abiding creative and unquenchable passion for the art of expression, that drove me to create the phrase or term.  Even though I knew what the words consummate and transitioner meant to me individually, initially, I struggled to define the term with purpose, clarity, conviction, and direction. I knew that I wanted to do something special and significant with the phrase; and, it has been an ever-evolving process in development.

In the fullness and completeness of time, I have come to realize the phrase The Consummate Transitioner is actually a play on words, because it is expressly a state of being in mindset, purpose, direction, and action to attain our highest goals and aspirations in life and to become better to become the best person that we can be. Perfection has no end state. It is a state of being that will never be attained, accomplished, or achieved. However, the goal or impetus is to work continuously toward the end state to become…The Consummate Transitioner in our personal and work lives.

Life is a Race

So, for the sake of clarity, consummate defined is to bring to fruition, to complete, or to perfect.  A transitioner is simply one who transitions. The simple concept is that life is a race that never ends and the only way to win it is to stay in it. The race begins when we are born and ends only when we die, a marathon and not a sprint. We…as human-beings are all transitioners, and are always in transition. We are primordial, innately, and inherently transitioners. We are born into a struggle and continuously running the race. The course of life is ultimately transition. Most people do not realize that the word transitioner is not even a recognized word in the dictionary, and woven with this, in an innate and intangible sense, we give very little thought and take for granted the many transitions that we endure in life.  Also in life, change is a constant and continuous process, and it should be included as part of our brand in life of who we are and how we are defined by constantly pivoting, adjusting, reshaping, resetting, rebooting, reinventing, reengineering, repositioning, and recycling ourselves, continuously,  hopefully, and faithfully progressing, evolving, forging forward with positive purpose, clarity, and direction, based on accepting and embracing change.

Therefore, the central tenant of The Consummate Transitioner is to have or possess the courage to embrace and not fear change. We must be willing to embrace change to stay relevant, attempting to perfect flux to become the best possible person in our personal, work, or organization in life.  The failure to embrace change and to stay relevant is the failure to understand that eventually change will make all relevant things irrelevant. If you think about it for a moment, we transition from birth to death, which is a holistic transition that has many sub-transitions within this process called life.  Examples of sub-transitions in our personal and work lives are from young to old; from single to marriage; from marriage to divorce; from babies to toddlers; from toddlers to kindergarten; from elementary school to high school; from high school to college,  or to work, or the military; from dislocated workers to back to work, to retirement, and you get the picture. It is within these many sub-transitions and struggles or processes is when we will be defined, that we will find purpose, our gifts, passion, clarity, and direction, and are remembered until this puzzle of life as we know it is no more, and after it, is for the ages.

As previously stated, normally, we take all of these transitions for granted, but should we?  Should we not question the quality and effort of our unique transitions?  Are living or are we merely existing and taking; or, are we living life to the fullest and giving our God and life our best?  Are we really impassionedly striving to be or become our best; and in giving life our best…to ultimately make the world a better place?

Your Dash

The undeterminable time between birth and death, in 1996, was metaphorically referred to by author Linda Ellis as “your dash” in life. In her thought-provoking and eloquent poem “The Dash,” she clearly articulated an inspiration to get the best out of life.  She inspired us to “live our dash; “inferring that having a birth date and a death date, the dash is the time that we should seek this fulfillment.

The question is how do we do this? Perhaps the answer is to understand another tenant of The Consummate Transitioner…that always in our rear view mirror motivating and driving us are our experiences in life. The past becomes pieces of our complicated puzzle of life to mold us, prepare, and shape us to endure the struggle and to pursue our passion and gifts.  And, these experiences are our best teacher; but, are never to imprison us by attempting to stay in the past or looking back. Success in life is always in front of us. And, you can never successfully move forward continuously looking back.