The Back Story: An Inspirational Epiphany

I have always admired and been inspired by Steve Harvey. His life is a humble, compelling story. In June 2013, I first heard the phrase “the dash” listening to the 6:00 a.m. radio program of the Steve Harvey Morning Show. On a particular morning, I was preparing to drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to a small town called Onley, Virginia on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. The morning was beautiful and the sun was starting to rise as a backdrop to the expansive marvel and wonder of the Bay Bridge Tunnel. Because the bay bridge tunnel was over twenty miles long surrounded by water, I always approached crossing it with a bit of trepidation. So, I turned the radio up so that I could hear and focus on  Steve’s early morning message and not the long drive across the Chesapeake Bay.

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I was inspired by Steve’s words when he said words to the effect in referring to his “dash” in life, saying …even with all that he has accomplished so far, he is not done or finished yet. That…he wanted to be and create an imprint of his successes so deep and indelible in life, so that long after he has passed on, he will be remembered for the ages.  And, it was at that moment, I had an epiphany, and realized that destiny had come full circle and fallen in place; and, what Steve Harvey had described and defined through his inspirational words and articulation was meaning and purpose for the term The Consummate Transitioner. And, this takes me to the sixth, final, and most important tenant of becoming The Consummate Transitioner, which is understanding the art of humility[1. “The art of humility,” author uknown.]….that in life, sometimes we are where we need to be, to see what we need to see, to help us truthfully find clear and unambiguous direction for the future.  Arrogance and pride will blind us, but humility will keep us grounded to have the clear vision to accomplish and complete our destiny.