Rapid Response:
The “Real Practitioner”

The Art of Rapid Response Service Delivery

Vision…they cannot see your vision because God only showed it to you – Steve Harvey

The Real Practitioner” is a site where I write blogs that just do not only focus on the nuts and bolts, but also the “true art of being a Rapid Response Coordinator,” as an impassioned practitioner in the service delivery of the Rapid Response program exercising honesty, transparency, and integrity.

I have been a Rapid Response Coordinator in southeast Virginia since 2006, but I was involved in it well before that date. The art of Rapid Response is in the innate, abstract, and intangible, the things that you cannot see, touch and feel, and you can only attain and have the vision to see and passion from doing the work and getting intrinsic value from doing the work. In the art is where innovation and opportunity lie and are derived. The art is where ideas that move us forward come from. The true artist knows the importance, significance and expression of an idea and vision.

No idea, vision, or process, and there have been many, has ever come to me sitting behind a desk. Again, the art is developed from doing the work and active empathetic listening. I cannot tell you how to make something better, until I first know how it works. The work is where the nuances lie; and with each nuance there is difference and divergence that manifests into needs. Needs are what we expressly address in making the impacted employee experiencing a job loss transition event whole again (the whole person concept). The goal is not just to be a practitioner, but to become an artist; and, in doing so, you will not just become a practitioner, but a “Real Practitioner” and a subject matter expert (SME). All the best in your endeavors!

Layoff Aversion: Get Your Mind Right

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