The Rhymist Gift presents: I Won’t Tear You Down

 Copyright: Curtis D. Wray, October 2018, Registration Number – TXu 2-183-284, All Rights Reserved. 

(A call for unity, action, and universal inspiration as Americans. We should find someone to inspire.)

Imagine that only actions, intent, and an accomplished agenda are important; we intentionally omit and leave off the relevant facts. The truth, right and wrong are no longer important, significant, and matter; only if we win, not how we won, or how we act. Do we now live in a different, divergent, but connected world where we can destroy and tear down without a tangible touch or a physical reach? And, the silence and inaction to speak out against these new norms and values are now what we passively and silently teach. 

As we wade through the noise and try to diminish the all encompassing, meaningless, and the superfluous chatter. From the lowest to the highest of, and in all of us, our words are important, affect, impact, effect, and matter. Uncourageous hurtful words and postering behind a label, fake name, tweet, text, email, post, letter, and pretentious jargon.  But… the  powerful tongue can no man tame, it is an unruly evil full of deadly poison.

Good intentions, a good heart, aspirations, and lofty and aspiring goals. Only to to be attacked by vicious, mean-spirited and hate-filled, cowardly, fear mongering Internet trolls. One liners, hot rhetoric, dog whistles, coded euphemisms, the bullying, the incited, no apology, no, not my fault; no, no, not my error. The result; the radicalized; the supremacy; the mocking; the superiority and the privileged; the consumed hatred; unimaginable violence; the end state…is the terror.

Can we optimistically agree and enthusiastically find common ground and in holistic unity appear to at least relate? By appealing to our better and inward angels in choosing an abiding ascending hope over a dark and gray descending hate.

We always have the choice, resolute, and resolve to question if we have the power and if we really should. Have the mettle to use our voices in the world as a mantra and strong force and tone to denounce evil over and for righteousness, truth, and for good.

There are always opportunities at the threshold of unseen opened doors awaiting to be found. So, if I cannot help build you up to to step across the threshold of those doors, then I won’t help tear you down.

I practiced tough love with you and in your youth and at the time you did not seem to understand. But it was necessary for you to navigate life’s lifelong challenges, roadblocks, and contemptuous dark and illusive demands. For you must be able to see “the way” and the light when there is evil, disillusion, and illusion all around. And, if I can’t help build you up by providing light in your pathway, then I won’t provide darkness to tear you down.

I see you tiring and struggling and trying to make it through each day with blind faith, hope, little money, opportunity, and many, many prayers. While raising a growing family who needs your constant protection and your continuous doting cares. Keep your head up and in the game walking towards the light, and don’t ever give up to attain your ultimate and deserving crown. And, if I can’t help build you up, to become what you want to be in your life, then I won’t help tear you down.

My love is unconditional, no strings attached; and, it will never ever end.  My actions are unique and are rare as the finest and most exquisite diamonds…a real true and compassionate friend.  I will always offer and suffer to you my forgiveness to pay it forward; no explanation required; no need to replay, to repay, to reset, to apologize, or to expound. If I can’t help build you up with uplifting actions and words of encouragement, then I won’t help tear you down.

I see you in the daily grind as you stay above the fray and you attempt to conquer every foil. And when the world around you is in deep sleep and slumber, you burn the required and deliberate midnight oil. I provided you wisdom, direction, and instruction that you did not want to hear. For it is for your terrestrial benefit, and one day in a moment of maturity, enlightenment, and understanding, you will silently thank me my precious dear. For I do not hold any grudges. I will always pray for your traveling mercy and for your arrival protected, safe, and sound. If I can’t help build you up with my example and model, then I want help tear you down.

May my experience and example provide you aroused inspiration and a focused direction; no, no…not a hater or a naysayer in that role. To uplift, to inspire to aspire all to the highest of your perceived success and potential is my ultimate test and goal. Your courage, work, challenges, commitment, the right and correct way; a leader, role model, not a follower, mean spirited, or a shiftless puppet. To dim your light so mine can shine brighter than yours is a simile like only lonely crabs in a bucket.

So let us embrace the culture and the future and get the word out in every city, hamlet, village, and every town. If I can’t help build you up to your pinnacle of your perceived you and your perceived success, then I won’t help tear your down.

For…if I look past the fear, I see me in you, and you in me, the genesis of our humanity; and, if you look, in each of us, the hope for the good can be compassionately found. I will choose my voice and make the conscious choice that I won’t help tear you down.

The alpa and the omega…the A through the Z. The choice and power to diminish hate and to uplift and to embrace love…inherently and obviously derives in me.  For it is a privilege to be an American, so I seek compromise, fertile, optimistic, and common ground. “A rising tide will lift all boats,” so I won’t help tear you down…no, no I won’t tear you down. (Slowly) No…I-won’t-tear-you-down. Keep looking up….Success is always in front of you!

Sir Thomas Browne, “Charity begins at home, is the voice of the world: yet is every man his greatest enemy,” 1642.

Baby Boomer Generation – Americans born between 1946 through 1964.

Sandwich Generation –  a generation of people, typically in their thirties and forties, responsible for bringing up their own children and for the care of their aging parents.

Scripture: James 3:8, King James Version (KJV),  “But… the tongue can no man tame, it is an unruly evil full of deadly poison.”

John F. Kennedy, “A rising tide lifts all boats,” 1963.