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American made is not referring to products that are made in America. Instead, it is referring to people, us, as Americans. Do you support America by buying American? When I was growing up in the sixties and seventies, it appeared as though that most things were more black and white and not so much gray. For instance, we say that we are patriotic Americans, and we believe in and support America, but as a personal choice, are most of the things and products that we own are made in other countries? For example, America ships raw wood to China, where the furniture is built; and, this furniture is shipped back to America to be bought by Americans. In the sixties and seventies, nearly everyone drove an American made car and most of our consumables were American made. Now, in 2016, we drive cars that are from other countries, but are made in America.

And, typical American cars are made in other countries outside of the United States. This has caused me to reflect very deeply about my commitment to America. And, when making a decision about the next car to purchase, I went through much research and introspection. After much reflection, I bought a GMC, and if at all possible and practicable, everything that in the future that I will buy, shall be American made. What you buy is of course, a personal choice and decision, but if you are…Made in America (born in America) are you the truest patriot in being American Made (buying and supporting America?

Recommended for patriotism, love of country, encouragement, and enlightenment: Diversity settings, all transitioning military veterans, active duty military, military retirees and dependents, high school or college graduates/attendees, business offices, military settings, churches, religious or spiritual settings, sports, or general settings for conversation and reflection.

.: 264 gsm fine art paper
.: For indoor use
.: Multiple sizes

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