Persevere, Persist, Prevail – Conceptual Poster


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As long as you are breathing, there is always a way. You have to find it. This means you cannot ever quit. As long as you are in the race of life, to give your best, you must keep on running hard in the race, and do not change your pace. The tortoise won the race neither because he was slow nor fast, but because he did not quit and persevered to the very end. The hare lost the race because of his arrogance and lack of humility in being both faster and stronger than the tortoise. So, he stopped and rested and took a nap. I am reminded of the words of the great North Carolina State Head Coach Jim Volvano…”don’t give up…don’t ever give up.”

Recommended for encouragement and uplifting the spirit: Recommended for encouragement and uplifting the spirit: Diversity settings, all transitioning military veterans, active duty military, military retirees and dependents, high school or college graduates/attendees, business offices, military settings, churches, religious or spiritual settings, sports, government, or general settings for conversation and reflection.

.: 264 gsm fine art paper
.: For indoor use
.: Multiple sizes

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