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Organizations and people talk about transparency. Is transparency obvious, clear, black, and white; or, is it illusive, opaque, or gray. On April 27, 1961, President, John F. Kennedy gave a speech at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel called “The President and the Press,” to reporters of the American Newspaper Publishers Association. Listen to the speech on YOUTUBE and feel the sense of foreboding in the throaty pitch of his voice and in his well placed words, and ponder and wonder what are now, in 2016, our American ethos, moniker, manner, mantra, and methods when it comes to true transparency in businesses, organizations, and especially in our government. Is transparency merely a ruse? Is what we see really what we see, or what you want us to see? Truth and transparency are not separate intangibles; they inextricably linked.

Recommended for encouragement and enlightenment: Diversity settings, all transitioning military veterans, active duty military, military retirees and dependents, high school or college, graduates/attendees, business offices, military settings, churches, religious or spiritual settings, sports, government, or general settings for conversation and reflection.

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