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M.F. Caricature Concept

The Concept of “M.F. Caricature”

Hello… my name is M.F. Caricature. The concept is that I am a multi-focused, multi-faceted (M.F.) caricature with a positive message for those aspiring to have success. The term M.F. Caricature is derived from the website logo colors red, white, black, and yellow, which are meant to represent all of the races, ethnicities, and people of the world. It is meant to be gender neutral. It can be interpreted or seen as a man or a woman. The hands gripping the coat are meant to be seen as a man or a woman or the hand of a man and the hand of a woman. The partial facial features could be that of a man or a woman and the beginning of a face of any race of people, based on what you see in your mind.

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We deal with on a daily basis the written black and white…the policies, processes, laws, and procedures. The question is do you follow them; or, are you above them?   You should know the difference between good and evil and right and wrong. The question is …are you weak; or, are you strong? And, what does strong really mean? Based on how you view or answer these questions will determine how ambiguous or gray your life really is.

The creation, purpose, and focus of the concept of M.F. Caricature are on the intangibles of the world; the things that you cannot touch, feel, or see. As people, we all endure and experience the intangibles and are innately conflicted with the inter-war within our souls, hearts, and minds on decisions about love, diversity, patriotism, forgiveness, humility, desire, will, and integrity, etc. All these things can fundamentally impact your life in positive or negative ways, depending on the roads you take and the decisions you make.

So…the question is not what do you see when you look at the ensuing posters. The question is what do You see when You see You; and, do You like what You see? Is there room for change and improvement for you to become and be the best in life? The goal is that through daily introspection you will become motivated to find a path toward positive improvement and success. I hope you enjoy the work.