The RHYMIST GIFT presents: Take It Extremely Personal: Your Vote

Copyright: Curtis D. Wray, 9/2019, Registration Number – TXu 2-183-284, All Rights Reserved.

Behind the curtain, I spiritedly went. For it is now my chance to silently vent. For what you thought is what I will not do. I can change my mind if I want too. I see my leader. I see my clear vision. My minds made up, and I have made my final decision. My opinion is forthright and is my steadfast arsenal; a singular weapon that is extremely personal. I exhaled and an “X” I firmly wrote. And, I felt the exhilarating and all consuming power of my vote.

Held off the reaper of my consciousness and the guilt of my conscience to cash in a sufficient promissory note. If I made up my mind and decided not to vote. Give me your tired and give me your poor. To them, did I permanently close an aspiring opened door?

Courts and opinions, the vote a silent, clear, and loud voice. Some are for life and some are for choice.  And what of those who want to decide when you should give birth.  Are they the same ones who refused to pay you comparable worth?  And what of those who bear stark testimony and a false meaningless witness. The ditch digging “deplorables” who ignorantly vote against their own interests.

And those that protest and emphatically chanted, are the same ones whose votes are taken for granted. And what about those who claim the life cycle of a victim, are the same ones who are continuously living off of the system.  

And those who live and are licensed to carry a gun, took an oath to protect and serve all and not just some. And though now at a different place in time and space, we still see color; and, we still see race.

And what of those who see and teach difference, divergence, and color, that they intentionally harm an American sister or an American brother. No peacemaker or peacekeeper, but a crown of thorns and thistles, for the “rocket man” who continuously fires and tests the missiles.  

And what of the consistent and constant over-reach, that violates my right to privacy and my right to free speech. And with every effort, I intentionally shame and shun, every veil attempt to undermine and to take my right to own my gun.  

Can I get a good job; can I really, really do better? A returning citizen with an indelible scarlet letter. Greed has blinded and refuses to see the impending peril…the damage that is done to our only precious world.

The distorted realities; the patently derange; the refusal to see obvious climate change. Those who seek to denounce that there is a God above. And those who seek to decide who you should love.

Post traumatic stress syndrome is permanent scar; that many received from a distant and dishonest war. Followed my orders and followed my instruction, but unable to find any weapons of mass destruction.

Must stand a taught watch; cannot make an error. Is it those who are among us who really bring the terror? Burgeoning budgets, ballooning debt. Proven sociopathic liars in democracy are an existential threat.

Rule of law, discipline, peaceful protests, and good order. We are being replaced; we must close the border.  Money faithfully paid-in, is stolen and lent. So,  where is my money now…for my retirement?

I kick and stumble; I stop, stare and swear. They are trying to recind and appeal Obamacare. Laws rolled back; executive orders to duly edit. To ensure that subtle supremacy gets the historical credit.

Government is at a stalemate, is silent and has stalled. The only solution is to build a legacy wall. The Indians…the only “real Americans,” committed no stealing sin. America is already great. Let’s make her great again.

In a silent tariff war can there be no unintended harm? Who will now feed us, for I have lost the farm? Jobs went overseas; so, buy American made. Those who disagree are thrown some serious shade.

With a heightened sense of urgency, I complain, display, and protest with anger. Solve world starving; solve world hunger.  From a burning building is borne a criminal privileged looter. Beautiful innocent children are trained for an active shooter.

A tweet condemns political cowards into hiding and silence. False moral equivalency takes a foothold and grows the violence. With every stranger, a crack, and pop, I leap, and lurch. Must lock all the doors now when I am in the church.

Men who wear suits, are prosperous and appear in their God’s favor, teach their children to hate and despise their neighbor. The filler busters, the intentional delaying, the wanes and waxes. Half of my pay is paid in taxes. 

A fervent prayer and a hopeful shrug. Child where did you get that illicit drug? Separate but equal and behind, there is no child left? Did I just inject poison meth into myself? And, to those who are left to what bears no escaping, does death now have a new grip that is called vaping.

And what of the relevant facts that we cannot hide; that longevity has decreased because of suicide. Is your government the one to implicitly trust? The delete button is not just essential; it is a required must. More is never enough. The proof leaks like a sieve. And the truth is what I make it out to be and merely what I say that it is.

I-could-care-less and have abject procrastination. Is my upside-down-world a serious abomination?  Is wrong now right, and fish symbols do not discuss? Silence is the coded mantra that says that the criminals are now for us.

Many problems to be solved, I impassionately denote, and now I clearly see the power of change with my single vote. Don’t ever lose your laser focus. Don’t lose direct visual sight. That to vote is your civic duty and your expressed and implied right. Be wise as a serpent. Be gentle as a dove. It is not mean or vindictive, but is is extremely private and personal.

For the right to vote, I will not be denied. For many have struggled, fought, protested, and died. A blessed chance to participate in freedom and democracy. Is the chance to vote that is extremely precious, significant, and important to me?

Though I am silent, I have a big voice. And, I have spoken loudly with my choice. But I cannot complain. I cannot emote, if I am complacent and choose not to vote. I cannot complain. I cannot emote, if I was complacent and chose not to vote. I have no soapbox or platform to expressly promote; for I have no voice, if I choose not to vote. The reaper of my guilty conscience and consciousness arrives to cash in an insufficient promissory note. Who should I blame, if I choose not to vote? Tell me, who do I blame, if I chose not to vote?

Hillary Rodham Clinton – “Deplorables” used in a campaign fund raising event speech, September 9, 2016.
Donald J. Trump – “Rocket Man” used to describe North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, 2017.